How to Pamper Your Dog

How to Pamper Your Dog At Home Old and Pregnant Dogs How Do You Spoil Your Dog?

Let’s find out how to pamper your dog at home, how to pamper old dog and how to pamper pregnant dogs and puppies. Ways to Pamper Your Dog on a Budget and How Do You Spoil Your Dog?.

We love our dogs all year round, but Valentine’s Day is the perfect time for a special groom to show how much you care.

Brushing your dog regularly at home is incredibly important — not only for his coat maintenance, but because it builds a lovely bond between you and your pet.

Valentine’s Day is the perfect reason to indulge him a little, so here are our six top tips to help make it the perfect occasion!

Walk This Way…

Begin by taking your dog to his favourite spot to enjoy a lovely walk. Whether it’s an enclosed exercise field or a splash through the puddles.

Valentine’s Day ‘zoomies’ are perfect for letting of steam before a pamper at home, as they will help to relax and tire your dog so he can enjoy the experience.

If of – lead ‘zoomies’ aren’t possible for those tykes who like to leg it, or you have an older dog who likes to mooch around, then try having some fun with scent games, by scattering treats in the long grass and encouraging your dog to use his nose to find them.

Scent work is just as tiring as a long walk.

“There are many amazing shampoos on the market…”

A Bubbly Bath

If your dog enjoys a pamper, then a home bath is perfect for Valentine’s Day, although you can hold of on the rose petals! Home baths really are very easy, especially if you have a small, short-haired dog.

Begin by popping an old towel or anti-slip mat into the bottom of your bath to protect your dog from slipping. There are many amazing shampoos on the market, so make sure you select carefully, choosing a more natural option and diluting the shampoo as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

If you fancy a Valentine’s Day touch of rose scent in your shampoo, then take a look at the Hownd ‘Got an Itch?’ conditioning shampoo, which smells amazing, as it is scented with rose and bergamot.

However, if a bath is too much for your dog or he’s not the greatest fan, check out the huge range of body mists and doggy colognes available on the market. One of our favourites at The Dog House is Paw Naturel’s Paw de Parfums range, and we think there is a scent to match everyone’s taste.

For the ultimate Valentine’s treat, why not book your dog in with your groomer for a bath and brush out, and even add a pawdicure or facial?

Top Tip

if you’re going to bath a curly coated dog at home, you need to be prepared to thoroughly dry his coat with a hairdryer and then brush it out. It’s much easier to take him to the groomer’s

Tools of The Trade

There are many amazing shampoos on the market…”It’s important that you use the correct tools for your dog’s coat type. We’re seeing more and more mixed-breed dogs coming through the door of the salon, and it’s crucial to keep their coats in good condition by brushing them at home.

To do this properly you will need the right tools for the job, which could be a nice Valentine’s gift idea! Here are our tips for the right tools for different coats.

For a dense, curlier coat it’s worth investing in a good, flexible slicker brush to that you can get down to the root of the hair. Remember that you do have to be gentle with a slicker and make sure you use it correctly or they can cause slicker burn. Your groomer can show you how to do this.

If your dog is shedding his coat and dropping his special ‘dog glitter’ all around your home, then a good undercoat rake is a must. A slicker brush can also be used to remove undercoat.

For silky, l owing coats a pin brush will do the job perfectly, as round-headed pins minimise hair breakage.

We highly recommend using a Greyhound comb to help get through any tangles. The teeth of Greyhound combs have a combined spacing so you can alternate between a wide and a fine-toothed comb as you work through the coat.

A rubber brush or mitt is great for deceptively short coats that shed an enormous amount of hair. They are also great to use in the bath to help get shampoo into the coat and grime out.

Remember to brush right down to the roots of the hair.

Brush Up On Your Skills

Brushing isn’t as simple as it sounds! It’s best to work methodically so you know where you’ve been, plus by consistently brushing your dog in the same way, he’ll get to know what to expect.

Be patient; professional groomers have years of experience, working on several dogs a day, so be easy on yourself and it’ll come in no time. You don’t have to brush your dog from top to tail in one sitting either; little and often is better all round.

To help you avoid brush burn, try testing the pressure on your own skin first. Put the l at face of the brush onto your forearm, and using the handle as an arrow, draw the brush down your arm.

You should notice that it doesn’t hurt. Next, try brushing while only using the tip of the brush. You will notice that it digs in, which you need to avoid to prevent brush burn.

Getting Settled

Help your dog to enjoy his Valentine’s grooming experience by giving him a stuffed Kong or Lickimat, which can be filled will tasty dog-friendly foods. If you pop them in the freezer they’ll last even longer.

This is relaxing and provides great enrichment for your dog while you’re giving him a brush. For the ultimate Valentine’s pamper, why not find a relaxing doggy music playlist for him to zone out to?

Where to Start

When grooming your dog it’s best to start at the feet and work your way up. However, some dogs object to having their feet brushed, so this is something you may have to work at.

Brush your dog’s coat in sections; begin by gently holding the paw in one hand and use the other to brush in a downwards direction, taking up a little more hair with each stroke.

Take care to move all the way around the foot and leg, and don’t forget the insides. Before moving onto the next section, ensure the brush glides easily through the coat, from root to tip.

If you come across a knot, gently prise it apart and then move onto the next area. There are some great detangling sprays on the market that can help to keep your dog’s coat in tip-top condition in between grooms.

Top Tip

When grooming, remember that it’s really important to get to the root of your dog’s hair. We often see dogs who look perfectly well brushed, but are matted underneath. Always keep in mind that your brush needs to get from the root to the tip of your dog’s hair.

“Brushing isn’t as simple as it sounds! It’s best to work methodically…”

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